Who Am I?

My name is Vincent Delaby. Almost 20 years ago, I was working in the tourism industry

bringing groups of people on unusual tours through the most beautiful national parks of Quebec. 


Later, my family heritage sparked another passion of mine and I worked in vineyards and wine cellars around the Loire Valley for 10 years. Since then, I trained in wine tourism in the Bordeaux region and I received the Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET) certificate.


Today, it is this passion that I share with you when I bring you around the vineyards of the Loire Valley. A simple, personalised experience in the spirit of Vinoloire!


What is the spirit of VinoLoire?

> Sharing

Thanks to the small-group format of our tours, the winemakers can easily share their knowledge and are happy to open their doors to us (and their bottles…) 


> Pedagogy

Here at Vinoloire, we understand the different backgrounds of our visitors and we adapt our tours to all: from novices to experts, winelovers to beginner…


> Discovery

Vinoloire has developed fun ways to teach and understand what is hidden behind your glass of wine: the soils, the vine, the winemaking process and the ancient methods, aromas and the art of wine tasting.


> All in one

Everything you could hope for is included in our tours: comfortable transport, walks in the vineyards, tours of wine cellars, wine tasting explained and supplemented with local produce and meals.